perspective change

why changing the perspective?

I like to think about strange systems, I also like the mystic of quantum mechanics. I didn't wanted to change the perspective, to think about probabilities is no problem for me. Surely it is a lot easier to deal with a deterministic world.

I was looking for a structure, which has a relation between shape, motion and distortion and I decided to use a bottom up method. This was the birth of the deterministic world of quantum matter. And it was just pure luck, that there was no need to leave this world.

chasing the topological enigma of quantum mechanics

The first sketch was, that some rotating cluster is throwing small chains and is creating a cloud of connected chains, that forms a border. This cloud and its borders are a trap for other rotating clusters. To build complex structures like the nucleus of an atom, this sort of mechanics failed, because it was impossible to find any stability.

The biggest step was, switching the perspective and looking for bigger structures. The solution was, to connect the border to the rotating cluster and adding a trap mechanism. Now, crossing a border of zero probability wasn't a mystery any more.


A border of chained objects keeps other unchained objects in a trap. But if the trap also contains chains, they can escape the trap. There are structured particles crossing a border.

I realized, that tensorfields is identifying space sectors which are interacting. If there is no interaction, the value will be zero. But the cause of the lack of interaction couldn't be identified. Is it just because there is no relation or is it because of an impenetrable limit? Nothing or a solid border will be a zero value in a tensor field. Relations could be revealed, but no structured mechanics. There is a blind spot.

The quantum mechanics interprets a border effect, that a single particle is sometimes behind and sometime not behind the wall. If you focus on a single particle, that is how it look likes. But if you look at the chain, the chaining modifies the properties of a single chain link. The chain can overcame the border, because every chain link pushes the front link across the border. Maybe that could only happen, when there is a straight chain. There are additional properties a chain has and understanding the tunneling effect is to understand chaining properties.

The Four-vector or the Minkowsky space focuses only a single chain link, but is blind to the effects of whole chains. If you just analyse one chain link of the escaping chain, the probability would be zero, because one chain link has insufficient energy to overcome the border. If you're summarizing the energy of the whole chain, the energy is sufficient to cross the border.

The border and the trapped objects could be of the same material. That is very likely, because they have the same properties. They can glue together. There has to be a mechanic, that can affect only border chains or only trapped chains.

The mistery of quantum mechanics is a topological enigma.

looking in the other direction

Modern physics is looking for smaller structures, but they can't find the desired particles. The twisted string theory is looking in the other direction. It is searching much greater structures.