The model of the quantum matter world isn't compatible with the model of atomic orbitals. There are no different kinds of particles, there are no electrons, protons or neutrons. Therefore there is no nucleus and no orbitals, just some sticking particles.

The advantage of the twisted string theory is, that its model of elements is very easy to compute. But more important than that, it describes some mechanics like the electrical conductivity of an atom.

sticking clusters

The space is undisturbed and there is no attraction force between the wave particles. To aggregate particles there have to collide. Wave particles have an orientation and a constant velocity. The most common structure is a chain of sticking wave particles, which only can create fields. To create clusters, these chain building process has to be disturbed. At least one particle has to be a junction with three binding partners. More binding partner should be possible, but right now the model has a limit of a maximum of three partners.

This is a distortion of the chain building process is the birth of the clusters. It is just sticking some spheres together.


This is the model for the whole atom. There is nothing like a nucleus, shells or orbitals. And contrary to the quantum mechanics this model is complete deterministic.

A cluster of sticking wave particle acts like a particle of trapped momentum. It usually standstill, but a push will disturb the shape of the cluster and cause a motion that will be kept.

The balance of momentum of an uneven cluster is very fragile. Every slight distortion will destroy such an unstable structure. The model of wave particle isn't sufficient for modeling real elements.

cluster of trapped strings

The twisted string theory has an elegant solution for this problem. The complex structure allows a special kind of spinning, the escapement spinning, which doesn't add a momentum to the cluster and therefore allows uneven and stable clusters of twisted strings. It also allows an exchange of particles without destroying the cluster, it only changes the movement respectively the heat of it.

The crucial feature of the twisted string atom model is the complex spinning of the trapped particles. They cause the bias of standstill.