twisted strings

the micro world

Is there a structure, which is a particle and a wave at the same time? Or in other words, is there a solution of very old the secret of the wave-particle duality? A surprising solution rose up while playing with a bottom up model of matter. The basic idea was to create a model with least rules as possible. It just contains a three dimensional space and constantly moving quantum matter, that can be aggregated. Nothing more.

The assumption is, that with this simple model there can be build wave particles. The basic shape is a sphere, which is responsible for the particle features, and tails, which acts like a wave. The best way to describe the shape is a balloon with a some strings attached. The motion of the wave particle is counter intuitive, because the sphere needs a lot more of the quantum matter than the thin tails and therefore the tails are moving in front, not the sphere.

The twisted string has all features of a wave particle.

twisted string


The twisted string is a special form of the wave particle. It is a string with irregular thickness, which starts spinning. Nothing spectacular so far. Things changed as the string rotated, formed a sphere and the endings got twisted. Now there was a complex shape with plain structured sections, dynamical motions and many different kinds of interactions depending on the size of the interacting strings.

The best way to describe the shape of a rotating twisted string is just to put a particle an a wave together! It looks like a balloon with two oscillation strings attached. But the balloon is a rotating string which is twisted and the two endings of the string are the tail.

The dynamics of a twisted string are very complex. Therefore most of the models are based on the features of a simply wave particle. That is sufficient to explain most of the effects. The twisted string is a model to explains the mechanics of these effects.

chained twisted strings

The most common occurrence of twisted strings is a field line, a chain of twisted string with the same orientation.

clusters of trapped strings

If the production of chained twisted string is disturbed, there will be some clusters of twisted strings.

one flexible particle

The twisted string is based on a single particle. But it is flexible and can change its size. This is the crucial property, which has the most impact on the macro world.

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