sticking clusters

clusters of disturbed chains

The aim is, to build the structure of atoms. But there is no core and there are no orbits. There are only clusters of trapped twisted strings.

The principle organization of twisted strings is according to the field theory of catchable chains a chain with each link spinning the same direction. The elements we know are a distortion of the chaining process. Two strings are bound together and forming a cluster core. Because of its non-circular shape, this core is agglutinate more twisted strings.

There are also no protons, neutrons or electrons. There are trapped twisted strings which can catch other twisted strings or not. If the twisted strings can't catch any more, they are called neutrons. If they have just one binding and if it will be destroyed, it is a free moving photon, this twisted string is called an electron. If it has more than one binding and after the destroying of a binding the twisted string is still connected to the atomic cluster, this twisted string is called an proton.

The number of bindings a single twisted string can have, depend on its size of its sphere. The assumption is, that the core twisted strings are very small and they have only three free bindings.

Because the whole cluster of trapped twisted strings is oscillating, in some cases there are only two bindings possible.