solution of the spin statistics theorem

The best hint i've seen during the search is a solution for the spin–statistics theorem

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relation between the micro and macro world

Some properties of the macro world, like reflection or refraction, require a deterministic behaviour of the micro world.

The probability of the micro world is restricted and there must be a reason for it.

The twisted string theory is deterministic and explains the relation of a very simple and basic micro world and the complexity of our reality.

the blind spot of the Minkowski space

I realized, that this is a blind spot off the Minkowsky space. The standard model to describe quantum effects, is identifying space sectors with the same characteristics and is merging them to fields. If such a space sector or a field is structured or is deterministic connected, the Minkowsky space can't see it. The exchange between such fields is done by particles. Other mechanics such as the movement of structured particles couldn't be analyzed because of the blind spot.

The solution should be a topological enigma like the wave particle or the twisted string.