Twisted string theory

This is the home of the twisted string theory. The project has just started, not all function are available.

About the World of Twisted Strings

The twisted string project has just started. Only the basic functions are working:

The twisted string theory is still under construction, only the basis is set. There is a simplified theory called wave particle, which is sufficient for most parts of the twisted string theory.

There is still a lot to do and help is appreciated.

The twisted string theory is an alternative for explaining the effects of quantum mechanics. Whereas quantum mechanics is complex and probabilistic, the twisted string theory is in contrast simple and deterministic. This is the reason, why the twisted string theory is an excellent solution for computing and simulating quantum effects.

This project was initiated by chance. It started by watching a youtube video about special relativity and thinking about the relation between motion, distortion and shape. The search for an appropriate shape lead to a bottom up model of the micro world. The solution, the twisted string, a combination of a wave particle and a trapped momentum, was such overwhelming, that there was enough stuff for some weird other theories, like the distortion enhanced fields.

There is only one particle of different sizes, which is bound together to chains or clusters. This model has only a few rules and is complete deterministic.

The sketch of a twisted string. image

The twisted string theory has a very limited amount of assumptions and therefore it is easily to compute. A perfect scenario to simulate the micro world.

A simulation software for clustered twisted string exists. Some of the graphics are created by it. The aim is to provide the software as an open source project.

The construction of the theory of twisted strings started in October, 2018. The source has been some considerations about the relation between shape, length, velocity and distortion. One idea was: If not only the lengths are disturbed, but if also other factors like the Planck constant are disturbed? Another was: Shouldn't be a relativistic motion undisturbed? The solution was the trapped momentum particle.

While trying to find a solution for escaping a border I realized, that the Minkowsky space can only analyses particles and combined particles in the same environment to fields. This perspective is blind to solid structures of particles. A single particle can't cross a border of an potential well, chained particles could. In other words, the search for smaller structures was looking the wrong direction, the solution should be much greater structures. I started to search for such structures by an bottom up model and found the twisted string. It fitted perfect to the trapped momentum particle.

The next step was to build elements of twisted strings. Because of the complexity I started to code a simulation software.

In December 2018 I had that a beautiful aurora moment, the topping out of the twisted string theory.


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